Boat trips and visits to sea caves

A unique and fascinating scenery offered by the natural erosive action of sea water, the only way to visit the Polignano caves is with a boat excursion. You can see with your own eyes the splendour of the Polignano coastline, a natural spectacle that transforms into a long expanse of fine sand, the sheer coastline of Polignano a Mare, the ramparts, the enchanting caves and the crystal-clear sea.

Tour to the Polignano caves with departure from Polignano

Collective tours with a six and a half meter boat (Protagon 20 year 2023 or similars) lasting one hour and 45 minutes, the cost is € 30 per person (minimum 2 people per the shared tour), children up to three years free, from 4 to twelve € 15. The boats are equipped with an awning for shade.

Private tour up to 8 passengers €180.00 (€250.00 only in August)

Departure times from Cala Ponte Marina (Port of Polignano) are at: 09:30/11:30/14:00/16:00/18:00. Marina’s fee € 4 per person.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable nautical adventure with Noleggio Barche Monopoli

Whether you wish to explore the caves of Polignano a Mare by sailboat or motorboat, we offer the perfect professional service to make your trip unforgettable. With our fleet of high-quality boats, you can enjoy the beauty of the caves and be transported to a world of wonder and enchantment.